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Teen Patti - Card Game

Teen Patti is a card gambling activity that loosely translates to three cards in English. In addition, Teen Patti is very popular throughout Southeast Asia. The game is influenced by the popular three card brag and it also has influences from poker as well. In Teen Patti, there are two different types of play that players can choose from. For a start, there is the loose play, which simply means that the player will continue to play both weak and strong hands. In this setup, the player will continue to play more hands until the showdown or the other players fold, whichever comes first. However, tight play means that the player will usually fold weaker hands after the ante bet.





How to Play

In this game review, we discovered that Teen Patti is usually played among 3 to 6 players and in addition, a 52 card deck is used. Besides that, the deck of cards is played without jokers. The game begins with placing bets from the players similar to that of poker and other rummy games. Depending on the casino that you choose to play, there is a fixed amount that players need to bet before the cards are distributed to each player. In the game, each player and dealer will receive three cards faced-down once the bet and boot amount is collected from each player. The boot amount is known as the smallest amount of cash at stake that is kept in the pot, and the pot stays in the center of the table.


Playing this game online is similar to when you play at a land-based casino and there are also similarities between Teen Patti and poker. However, the betting in Teen Patti is quite different and it is recommended that players place all their bets in equal amounts, matching the previous player's bets. This means that when a player bets 2 coins and another player bets 4 coins, the first player and other players will need to place another 4 coins instead of 2 coins. As the game progresses, the cash amount continues to grow, and the player that stays in the game until the end of the hand wins. Aside from that, the player with the best hand or highest hand wins the game.


Teen Patti Betting Rules

Usually, the rules of online live casino games are similar to those of the land-based versions. As we have mentioned earlier, the betting rules for Teen Patti are different from poker, but the online version of Teen Patti is similar to its offline version. The first type of bet in the game is the Entry Fee. Depending on the rules of the game, it can be the total amount placed by different players at the table or a single large amount placed by one player, which is usually on a rotation basis. Another bet is the Post bet, which is mostly placed by players who were not available during the Ante bet. In that case, they are required to place a similar amount to the Ante in the next round they will participate in.


After the Ante and Post bets, the next bet to be placed in the Teen Patti game is Blind. A blind bet is a kind of forced bet that is placed to the pot typically by one or more players before the deal starts in order to stimulate bets placed in the game. When you play Teen Patti online, especially if you play the live version, there are two blinds, which are known as big and small blinds. Aside from the blind bet, there is the call and raise bets. This is when the regular betting starts and both bets are referred to as Chaal in the Teen Patti game. Also, note that the Chaal cannot exceed twice the bet of the previous players.



Limits and Moves in Teen Patti

In the live game version of Teen Patti, there are different betting limits that apply to the amount a particular player can bet or raise. In most cases, these betting limits come in four common forms and they include fixed limit, pot limit, spread limit and no limit. Typically, the games have minimum and maximum bet limits, as well as a betting unit, which is usually the smallest denomination that bets can be placed in. The bet limits of a Teen Patti game depend on the casino at which you choose to play the game. It is advised that you read through the casino's terms before you proceed to play the game. If you enjoy playing Teen Patti, you may also wish to play Andar Bahar, another popular game.


In the standard land-based version and when you play Teen Patti online, there are different moves you need to learn. For a start, there is the Blind play and this means that the player places a bet without seeing his/her cards. In this situation, the player simply guessing the strength of their card combination and that of other players. Aside from that, there is the Chaal phase or Play and this is when a player decides to check their cards before proceeding to place a bet once its their turn. However, there are different variations to this rule that can restrict players from only checking their cards until its their turn to place a bet. Other moves in this game include show, compromise, backshow and slideshow.


Play Teen Patti at an Online Casino

This game is readily available at Genesis Casino. To get a good experience while playing this casino game, you need to choose a top online casino to get started if you do not already have a favourite casino to play at. Just like when playing a slot game such as the Cash Camel slot, you will need to create an account at the casino and then deposit cash into the account to start playing for real money. If you choose to play the live version, and you are lucky, you will get to enjoy a live casino promotion that you can use to play the game. Note that you need to take a look at the casino's terms before you proceed.




Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Teen Patti?
    Teen Patti is a gambling card game. It is also called three cards in English.

  • How to play Teen Patti online with money?
    You simply need to create an account at your favourite casino. Then, fund the account you recently created. Proceed to the game lobby to start playing.

  • How do I win at Teen Patti?
    To win at Teen Patti, you need to get any of the winning hands. The last player will win if all participants fold except for one.

  • Can I play Teen Patti online on mobile?
    Yes, you can play Teen Patti on mobile. Simply visit Genesis Casino on your mobile device to get started.

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