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Online Roulette

It spins wildly, then it slows down to reveal a winning number. The white ball stops on the pocket and it’s a red or black number that can make your luck. Welcome to the world of online casino roulette, and now we’ll have a look at how to play live roulette online and take a look at its history and its variants.




A History of Roulette Online


The first original roulette was a spinoff from Pascal’s research into perpetual motion – he used to spin a wheel in a direction, and send a tiny ball spinning opposite. At the time, there were 36 pockets and the ball stopped in the place where it would become a winning number. Following this, in 1842 the Blanc brothers added a “zero” to the roulette – adding an extra layer of difficulty to this game, even though gambling was banned from France at the time. However, roulette’s popularity was still spreading in the rest of the continent, and when gambling was legalised again towards the end of the century, Francois Blanc opened one of the world’s most famous casinos in Monte Carlo, taking advantage of the Roulette wheel and its popularity. Today, the Roulette is renowned as the King of the Casino Games due to its popularity at that casino.


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Fast forward to the 1990s, when the surge in online casino’s popularity saw the Roulette become one of the most popular online casino games. The game became accessible to many people who would not normally go to a casino, and also because online casinos could request a much lower minimum bet, unlike land-based casinos. More online players could now play Roulette online, and you’ll find it in almost all online casinos nowadays. Moreover, many players could now experiment at how to win at online roulette, or try out online live roulette in the live casino sections. It was only a natural evolution that, with online roulette becoming so popular, that players could start to play live roulette online on their mobile devices too.


American Roulette and French Roulette

While France would re-introduce roulette formally towards the end of the 1800s, the game had become popular across the Atlantic Ocean, in America, where gambling houses and saloons were also blooming. The American Roulette variant featured a key difference to the French one, featuring a double zero which effectively reduced the player’s odds of a win. Needless to say, European players were unimpressed and the French variant is still the most popular in the old continent, featuring just a single zero pocket – known as French Roulette, or European roulette.


Another difference is the La Partage rule. This means that if the ball lands on the zero pocket, only half the bet will be levied from the player. This roulette variant also includes “call bets” where player can wager multiple bets on a single spin. This variant still uses a single zero pocket.


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Roulette Online Game

Try playing the free online roulette game before playing online roulette for real money by heading over to the Genesis Casino table games , and choose a roulette game according to the variant and bet limits you prefer. Online roulette players may be more familiar with French Roulette, but we do recommend you read up on an ideal roulette strategy: bet on red or black numbers? Or will it be wiser to play on a line or row of numbers? Try out the best online roulette strategy by playing online roulette free at Genesis Casino, and remember to gamble responsibly when you play using real money.




Licensing and Regulation

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